Best Online Piano Lessons

If you’re wondering which online piano lessons you should try out, look no further! This all inclusive guide will pick out the very best courses for beginners and experts alike, complete with a rounded description of what to expect from each course. Sorted into difficulty levels, this article will help you to decide which is the most appropriate course for you, and will send you on your way eager to try it out!

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The 5 Best Metronomes Professionals Use [2019 Buyers Guide]

Mastering and advancement of an instrument can be a great challenge. To do this all you need is a lot of practice and discipline. It is therefore very important that the exercises you do and the practice itself is effective (work smarter, not harder).

As an experienced musician and guitar instructor with many years of playing under my belt, I have built an arsenal of methods for musicians from every level to learn how to use their instrument the fastest and most effective way.

Music is in constant movement so …

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