Best Online Piano Lessons

If you’re wondering which online piano lessons you should try out, look no further! This all inclusive guide will pick out the very best courses for beginners and experts alike, complete with a rounded description of what to expect from each course. Sorted into difficulty levels, this article will help you to decide which is the most appropriate course for you, and will send you on your way eager to try it out!

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The 5 Best Conducting Batons [2019 Buyers Guide]

In our article ‘How to Conduct’, we looked at the role of the conductor and offered some basic tips to get you started on the mechanics of the job. In this article we am going to examine the baton which is a vital tool of the trade for any conductor. We will investigate what makes a good baton and some of the features to consider before outlining some possible choices…

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How To Conduct [Beginners Guide]

The act of conducting is an elusive and misunderstood art form that can often lead to confusion and sometimes ridicule. We often imagine a conductor as a megalomaniacal eccentric frantically waving their hands around and impacting on the music very little. Whilst it is true that some conductors do use very grand and bold gestures when conducting, it must be stressed that the role they are playing is vitally important.

It is not to say that without the conductor the musicians are reduced to clumsy and out of tune amateurs …

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The 5 Best Metronomes Professionals Use [2019 Buyers Guide]

Mastering and advancement of an instrument can be a great challenge. To do this all you need is a lot of practice and discipline. It is therefore very important that the exercises you do and the practice itself is effective (work smarter, not harder).

As an experienced musician and guitar instructor with many years of playing under my belt, I have built an arsenal of methods for musicians from every level to learn how to use their instrument the fastest and most effective way.

Music is in constant movement so …

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The Best Guitar Humidifiers [2019 Buyers Guide]

Keeping the acoustic guitar in perfect condition is a very important thing.

It’s good for the guitar and the player.

One thing that always gets overlooked is how humidity can influence the shape of your guitar. If you are interested in keeping your instrument in top shape, I advise you to pay attention to the humidity of the wooden part of the acoustic guitar.

In fact, the lack of moisture is the number one cause of damage to guitars.

Since damage from this kind of type can be permanent, now …

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The Best Capos For Acoustic Guitars

A capo is one of the most undervalued guitar items. There are guitarists who consider it only a cheat that replaces the playing of barre chords with open strings chords that are easier to master.

But a capo is a lot more than that. Let’s look at what exactly it is.

In addition to being great for beginners who want to play their favorite songs of the original key, it is also very effective for higher level guitar players.

Many guitarists use it to play in a higher key, but …

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