Top 5 Orchestration Books

Orchestration is a fundamental tool for all types of composers. Great orchestration books are few and far between so we’ve roundup the 5 best to get you on your way.

The Study of Orchestration - Samuel Adler

The Study of Orchestration – Samuel Adler

This work enables students to understand the basics of orchestrations by choosing the most appropriate instruments, instrumental combinations and instrumental techniques to write an effective orchestral score. It deals with orchestral writing for individual instruments, combinations of instruments, and full orchestra. – Available on Amazon

Principles of Orchestration - N.Rimsky-Korsakov

Principles of Orchestration – N.Rimsky-Korsakov

Rimsky-Korsakov, the great classical orchestrator, provides fundamentals of tonal resonance, progression of parts, voice and orchestra, tutti effects, and much more. This major document includes 330 pages of musical excerpts. – Available on Amazon

Instrumentation and Orchestration - Alfred Blatter

Instrumentation and Orchestration – Alfred Blatter

An accessible and complete introduction to writing and scoring music for each instrument of the orchestra. Clear explanations, vivid descriptions of various instruments, expert advice, and numerous musical examples to maximize the student’s understanding of concepts being presented. A valuable resource and reference for students in their future professional endeavors, this text maximizes its usefulness beyond the classroom. – Available on Amazon

Orchestration - W Piston

Orchestration – W Piston

Orchestration is notable for the clarity and logic of its organization. From a consideration of the individual instruments and their technical problems the author skillfully develops his analysis of orchestration, covering his analysis of orchestration, covering instrumentation of primary and secondary melodies, part-writing, chords, and contrapuntal techniques. Finally, he discusses typical problems in orchestration together with some examples of their solutions. – Available on Amazon

Essential Dictionary of Orchestration - T Gerou

Essential Dictionary of Orchestration – T Gerou

An orchestration book tailor-made for the classroom musician on a budget. Any teacher, student or professional musician, whether a composer, orchestrator, arranger, performer or enthusiast will find this thoroughly comprehensive dictionary full of the most needed information on over 150 instruments. Designed for quick and easy reference, the Essential Dictionary of Orchestration includes those much-needed instrument ranges, general characteristics, tone quality descriptions, technical pitfalls, useful scoring tips and much more! – Available on Amazon

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