The Guitar as a Scoring Instrument

The guitar is often typecast in music for film/tv and other media, and called upon only when a particular sound is needed: your cowboy western needs that Ennio Morricone/Bruno Battisti D’Amario twang. Your Bond-esque spy thriller wants that Vic Flick surf-jazz feel. Your hard-boiled cop movie needs a rough, rebellious, raunchy Eric Clapton lead. While the guitar is really useful in slotting in and hitting these (and many more) on the head, I think it’s full potential is actually overlooked.

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Programming Your Own Percussion Beds

No modern action score is complete without a rousing percussion section hammering away beneath the rest of the instruments. Yet despite being one of the most important elements in the score, many media composers take the easy way out with their percussion, resorting to some tired loops.

If you’re sick of sounding like everyone else and have run out of ways to layer your loops over each other to sound “fresh”, then keep reading as I give you a quick look at what it takes to program your own percussion, …

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