How to Choose the Best Acoustic Guitar Strings

What should we consider when buying acoustic guitar strings?

If you are reading this review, most of you have already tried and even chosen a guitar from a showroom. But have you noticed that some new and rather expensive guitars might not justify their reputation and price? Why? The problem might be in the strings.

The first factor of discovering the true potential and quality of a guitar is the quality of the strings. Which really leads to the question which acoustic guitar strings to choose, especially if you are …

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How to Write in the Golden Age of Hollywood Style

Ah, The Golden Age. Some of the greatest film music of all time came out of Hollywood during the period from the 1920s to 1950s. Titans of film scoring like Max Steiner, Franz Waxman, and Erich Wolfgang Korngold defined what it meant for music to be cinematic.

In this tutorial series we are going to learn how to write a main title cue in the style of that great era. We will begin by analyzing two cues that are representative of the style, and then work from a blank sheet of paper to a final orchestral mock-up.

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Berlin Woodwinds On The Horizon

Hendrik Schwarzer from Orchestral Tools has announced details of their new Berlin Woodwind library,

After 3 weeks of recordings, 6 months of editing, mapping and scripting, we´re proud to announce our upcoming library “Berlin Woodwinds”, which will be released soon! Berlin Woodwinds is the biggest sample-collection in the Orchestral Tools family. We put much love and ideas into the recordings. Produced in a city which is famous for its history, tradition and the best orchestras in the world.

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Era Medieval Legends Review

Era Medieval Legends is the latest library to come from Eduardo Tarilonte featuring a wide collection of deep sampled historical instruments covering keyed, stringed, percussion and wind instruments.

This is a library that doesn’t come round very often. Never before have we had a collection of sampled European historical instruments all in one package and by someone as reputable as Tarilonte.

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