Cinematic Strings 2 Review

Even in the fast-paced world of music software development, where variety reigns supreme and innovation is king, we can pick out trends that say something about the perceived gaps in the market. In 2010, sample library developers from around the world seemed to converge on the idea that what digital musicians needed most was a better solution for sampled strings.

We saw the release of Andrew Keresztes’ LA Scoring Strings library, featuring industry-leading deep sampled divisi sections; we saw EWQL Hollywood Strings, offering …

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The Music Of Dragon Age

Inon’s award-winning music for BioWare’s dark fantasy franchise Dragon Age features a wide range of dynamic music styles. From ethereal and mystical to bombastic and lyrical, his original score for Dragon Age II befits the dramatic story and visuals and helps drive the heart-pounding action. I talk to Inon about writing the music to the Dragon Age] series.

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Insight: Galaxy

Galaxy was composed as an attempt to challenge the ideologically entrenched thinking in contemporary music, the struggle between the speculatively technical and the spiritually sensual. I talked with Anders Brødsgaard about this landmark work.

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