Songwriting 101: Learn Common Song Structures (With Examples)

Are you a budding songwriter looking to take your craft to the next level?

Song structure is one of the most important components to consider when writing a song. Knowing the basics of song structure will get you on the right track to creating great music.

In this article, we’ll be discussing song structure and the various components that make it up, as well as how to analyze popular song structures by genre.

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What Are The 5 Types Of Recorders?

Discover the fascinating world of recorders in this comprehensive guide. Learn about the different types, their unique sound, and history dating back to the Middle Ages. From plastic to wooden options, find the perfect recorder for your skill level and musical goals. Don’t forget to maintain your instrument to keep it performing at its best. Start your musical journey with the versatile and captivating recorder.

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How Much Do Video Game Composers Make?

Video game composers come up with the soundtracks for some of the most beloved gaming experiences. If you’ve ever felt immersed in a game and had a soundtrack that kept you engaged, then you’ve experienced the work of a video game composer.

It’s a career that is both creative and technical, and one that can be financially rewarding. But how much do video game composers make?

In this article, we’ll explore the education requirements, career paths, salary ranges, and industry trends that can help you understand the potential income of …

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How to Make Game Music: The Ultimate Guide for Aspiring Composers

We’ve all experienced it: the pulse-pounding beats of an action game, the calming melodies of an RPG, or the haunting tunes of a horror title. Music is an essential aspect of the gaming experience, and it can make or break a game. But how do you create game music that captivates and immerses players? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the world of game music composition, exploring various techniques and tools that can help you create memorable soundtracks.

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How to Make 8-Bit Music

Nostalgia can be a powerful force, especially when it comes to music. For many, the term “8-bit music” conjures up fond memories of classic video games from the 1980s and 1990s. This iconic sound, characterized by its lo-fi, electronic nature, is still popular today and can be heard in various forms of media, from retro-inspired games to modern electronic music. In this article, we’ll explore the ins and outs of creating 8-bit music, including the history, key elements, tools, and tips to help you compose your own chiptunes.

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Best Online Piano Lessons

If you’re wondering which online piano lessons you should try out, look no further! This all inclusive guide will pick out the very best courses for beginners and experts alike, complete with a rounded description of what to expect from each course. Sorted into difficulty levels, this article will help you to decide which is the most appropriate course for you, and will send you on your way eager to try it out!

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The 5 Best Conducting Batons [2023 Buyers Guide]

In our article ‘How to Conduct’, we looked at the role of the conductor and offered some basic tips to get you started on the mechanics of the job. In this article we am going to examine the baton which is a vital tool of the trade for any conductor. We will investigate what makes a good baton and some of the features to consider before outlining some possible choices…

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